Marcus Riccelli | Working for You!

Delivering for Spokane

  • Secured over $1 billion for new transportation investments in our community to create jobs and promote the interconnectivity of our region, including $878.9 million to connect the North Spokane Corridor to I-90, $15 million to kick-start the Central City Line transit system, and $8.8 million for the U-District Gateway Bridge.
  • Delivered $11.8 million to enable WSU Spokane to pursue accreditation for a new medical school.
  • Funded key infrastructure improvements for community service centers, including $300,000 for the Corbin Senior Activity Center elevator, $300,000 for Women & Children’s Free Restaurant’s new home, $85,000 for the MLK Jr. Family Outreach Center redesign, and $230,000 to expand daycare slots at the Peaceful Valley Community Center. $80,000 for the West Central Community Center roof replacement, and funding for the YWCA Family Justice Center.
  • Passed legislation to name State Route 395 after Speaker Tom Foley

Protecting Kids, Families and our most Vulnerable

  • Secured funding for vital community services, including $400,000 for the Northwest Autism Center and $188,000 for Partners With Families & Children’s medical program for victims of child abuse.
  • Promoted increased funding to address youth homelessness and fought off a damaging restructuring of the Aged, Blind and Disabled program.
  • Increased investments in mental health services and passed legislation to improve quality mental health care and substance abuse treatment.
  • Authored and passed the nation’s strongest bill to ban source of income discrimination in our rental housing markets.
  • Led the effort to expand dental access to more than 60,000 in our state. This included funding for two new clinics and dental residency program that will provide treatment to 12,000 patients a year in our community – a majority of them Medicaid-eligible.

Investing in Education

  • Secured an additional $159 million to increase access to high-quality early-learning programs.
  • Delivered $1.3 billion in new investments for education so that every child has an opportunity to thrive.
  • Sponsored legislation to help ease the classroom crunch in our over-crowded schools.
  • Lowered tuition at Washington’s public colleges and universities for the first time in state history.
  • Recipient of the 2016 Legislator of the Year Award from the Student Government Council of WSU, and be recognized as the 2013 Washington Student Association Legislator of the Year.

Creating a Healthier Washington

  • Prime-sponsored and passed legislation paving the way for a new WSU medical school in Spokane.
  • Expanded Medicaid to cover more than 35,000 previously uninsured people in Spokane County and ensure they have access to the health and dental care they need.
  • Sponsored and helped pass bills to improve health screenings for Washington’s children, including legislation to reduce delays and cover heart screenings, as well as a bill to ensure access to developmental and autism screenings for all of Washington’s children, regardless of their family’s economic situation.
  • Established the “Apple a Day” kitchen equipment grant to increase healthy food in schools, and sponsored legislation to promote PE in neighborhood schools.
  • Recipient of the 2016 Washington State Alliance of YMCAS Y Legislative Champion Award and the 2015 Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network Advocate Award.

Standing up for the Middle Class

  • Prime-sponsored legislation to hold corporations accountable to taxpayers and promote good-paying jobs in our community.
  • Passed a workplace safety bill ensuring protective equipment for our individual home care providers to improve safety precautions for workers and their clients, and to reduce the burden on a workforce critical to our healthcare delivery system.
  • Co-sponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage and require paid sick leave, because all workers deserve a living wage and no one should have to choose between going to work sick or being forced to give up pay they need to make ends meet.