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Date: May 28 2016
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One of TUSD’s many “hidden” problems has been poorly constructed interview panels, even for major administrative positions. This was never the subject of a Board action, but Mark has pushed with some success for panels that: (i) include more persons who have specific knowledge or experience relevant for the position being filled; (ii) include more persons from outside the district; (iii) have greater flexibility in asking questions and, when appropriate, more time with leading candidates. For example, it makes sense to have another organization’s chief technology officer on a panel that interviews candidates for the position of chief technology officer, and to give that person considerable latitude in asking questions and followup questions.

Moving forward:

Mark believes that TUSD’s recruitment and hiring processes need further reform. They still appear to be too rigid and perfunctory (compared, for example, to UA’s processes), especially for key administrative positions.

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