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Date: May 28 2016
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Mark has advocated continually for careful scrutiny of administrative and operating expenses. He has voted against many consulting contracts for services that appear overpriced or based on personal relationships or which could be provided by TUSD’s own administrative staff. In a few cases, such as ending TUSD’s expensive membership in the National School Boards Association, Mark has succeeded. In most cases the Board approves whatever spending the staff proposes.

Mark has sometimes had success in pushing for bids on major contracts that previously had been awarded without bid. Rebidding a huge laptop contract in 2012 saved TUSD over a million dollars.

Moving forward:

TUSD’s failure to make meaningful cuts in administrative expenses, since the Fagen administration, has been one of the most frustrating aspects of Mark’s time on the board. By any measure, TUSD’s administrative and out-of-classroom spending has increased through the period. These data are discussed in greater detail at in the Issues section of this site.

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