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Delivering for Spokane

  • As a member of the Capital Budget committee, secured over $130 million for Spokane in recent capital budgets, building local infrastructure and jobs. Projects include the $103K YWCA Family Justice Center, a $67 million science building for Eastern Washington University, $155K for a kitchen for the Emmanuel Life Center, $2.4 million for the Spokane County Jail Diversion Facility, $1.25 million toward the new Spokane County Medical Examiner Facility, $80K for a new roof for the West Central Community Center and $495K to the development of the South Gorge Trail.
  • In previous years funded key infrastructure improvements for community service centers, including $300,000 for the Corbin Senior Activity Center elevator, $300,000 for Women & Children’s Free Restaurant’s new home, $85,000 for the MLK Jr. Family Outreach Center redesign, and $230,000 to expand daycare slots at the Peaceful Valley
  • Delivered $11.8 million to enable WSU Spokane to pursue accreditation for a new medical school.
  • Spearheaded a statewide effort to expand dental capacity that will bring dental care to an additional 60,000 people in our community. This includes a new clinic at the East Central Community Center, and a dental residency program that will expand Medicaid-eligible treatment near Holy Family.  
  • Secured $2 million to fund three new dental clinics in Spokane, bringing dental care to an additional 60,000 people in our community. Clinics include locations at Sacred Heart, Holy Family and a dental residency program that will expand Medicaid-eligible treatment.
  • Secured $125 million of the states transportation budget for projects in Spokane including $8.1 million for the Spokane Central City Line connection of U-District to Browne’s Addition, $8.5 million for the U-District Gateway Pedestrian Bridge, $75.1 million toward continued progress on the North Spokane Corridor, $3.9 million for the Monroe-Regal High Performance Transit Corridor, $2.1 million for the Spokane Falls Community College Transit Station and $300,000 for the Riverfront Park Triangle Truss Bridge replacement.

Protecting Kids, Families and our most Vulnerable

  • Prime sponsored and passed legislation that fights the affordable housing crisis by ending source of income discrimination by landlords.
  • Ensured a secure drug take-back program would fight the opioid crisis and protect our youth.
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that requires high-need schools to offer breakfast to students after class begins, because many children in our community only eat when a meal is provided to them at school.

Investing in Education

  • Fully funded K-12 education in the state operating budget.
  • Delivered $776 million in raises for teachers and school employees with an additional $29 million in benefits.
  • Reduced the waitlist for the State Need Grant.
  • Secured $27 million for students in special education.
  • Prime sponsored and passed legislation that improves physical education programs by requiring that they review the effectiveness of their program and share that information with the public.

Creating a Healthier Washington

  • Prime-sponsored and passed legislation paving the way for the new WSU medical school in Spokane.
  • Closed a gap in health care policy that had prevented Pacific Islanders in Washington from receiving Medicaid benefits, despite their paying taxes and serving in our military.
  • Added $165 million to our mental health system, improving state hospitals and community health treatment services.
  • Set up a grant application process for schools to upgrade their kitchen and nutrition program to be able to fight childhood obesity and diabetes.
  • Passed legislation that gives women access to a full range of reproductive care in health insurance plans, instead of the bare minimum.
  • Expanded access to physicians in underserved areas via telemedicine and streamlined medical licensure practices.
  • Sponsored and helped pass bills to improve health screenings for Washington’s children, including legislation to reduce delays and cover heart screenings, as well as a bill to ensure access to developmental and autism screenings for all of Washington’s children, regardless of their family’s economic situation.

Standing up for the middle class

  • Cut property taxes previously raised by state Republicans.
  • Prime sponsored and passed legislation that created the Responsible Representation Act, which gives a more powerful voice to the voters and ensures a more responsive government.
  • Updated the Equal Pay Opportunity Act for the first time since 1943, ending the secrecy surrounding wages that often leaves women with lower pay than their male colleagues.
  • Prime-sponsored a workplace safety bill ensuring protective equipment for our individual home care providers to improve safety precautions for workers and their clients, and to reduce the burden on a workforce critical to our healthcare delivery system.
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