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Date: Jun 11 2016
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In 2015 Mark requested a policy requiring the posting of immunization rates at TUSD schools. In October, 2015 the board unanimously passed a resolution to place a permanent link to the state data on schools’ immunization rates on the website. This was not quite as good, because the state data list all schools in Arizona, without any way to separate TUSD’s data. The board’s action means, at least, that parents have fairly easy access to the immunization data for any specific school.

Immunization data are important because, with immunization rates down nationally, outbreaks of pertussis and measles have reappeared in recent years. Measles is less common but is also a more serious disease, which is sometimes fatal in children. There is currently (June 2016) a measles outbreak in Arizona, which has spread from Maricopa down to Pinal County, though there are not yet any cases recorded in Pima County.

Here are the most recent immunization data for TUSD kindergartens. The immunization rates for measles are highlighted.
Moving forward: 
It might help TUSD staff and families to provide a simple table showing the immunization data for TUSD schools, such as the one linked above.

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