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With a decade of experience at the federal, state, and local levels making a difference for   Spokane families and businesses and later as Senior Policy Advisor to Senator Lisa Brown, Marcus Riccelli is uniquely qualified to move our economy forward.

Expand Our Health Care Sector:  The Riverpoint campus is a growing hub of job training and education in the developing health care economy. Marcus will ensure Spokane remains a center for health care services and medical research including a medical school and the 13,000 new  jobs it brings.

Support Emerging Industries: Marcus will promote our existing strengths in aerospace and other technologies to attract new manufacturing jobs to our region.

Invest in Infrastructure:

Invest in Infrastructure: Marcus will demand Spokane’s fair share so we can invest in jobs and projects like the North-South corridor and keep our local economy moving. 



I believe it is paramount to protect and preserve our environment.  For us in Spokane, this means many things, but recovering the Spokane River is one of the most important.  In Olympia, I will fight for legislation that will protect our river and help us preserve our environment for future generations.



While Spokane is generally a safe community, we do have issues with crime that we must control to protect our citizens.  From cracking down on meth labs, to working collaboratively to address the issue of gangs, I believe we need to find unique and effective ways to address crime in our community.  Whether it be fighting for legislation funding drug courts and incarceration alternatives, or fighting for legislation that helps us catch crime in our juveniles and gives them options and guidance to turn their lives around and become productive citizens instead of adult criminals, I will work in Olympia to help find the tools necessary for Spokane to address these issues.


Women’s Rights-

I have been surrounded by strong and intelligent women in my personal and professional lives.  I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  The idea that a woman may be paid less than a man for doing the same job is ludicrous to me.  I will fight with all I have to protect the rights of all women. 


Marriage Equality-

I believe fully in marriage equality and will ardently support Referendum 74.



Transportation in all forms is an extremely important issue for Spokane and the 3rd Legislative District.  From complete streets that allow pedestrians and cyclists to get where they need safely, to maintaining our city streets, to completing the North South Corridor that is key to our Spokane commerce and economy, I will work to find funding and support legislation in Olympia for key transportation projects.